Photography and Me, My Personal Journey (Part 4)


Actually, this is the hardest part I’ve found to write about. Some might think it would be the easiest to write about since it has been one of the defining moments in my life, but this is not so. I struggle to get all the facts straight in my head and to put everything in order. I also struggle with the lies of the past like, “What if people don’t understand it?” or “What if aren’t as impacted as I was?” which makes me realize that we are in a war till Jesus comes back and I have to hang on to God’s love which He revealed to me on a camping trip.



So, August of 2011, I went to the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula for 4 days just to get away. I was really excited because the forecast looked great. It was supposed to be in the 80s the whole time I was there and in the 60s at night which, if you know that part of Michigan, if really a heat wave! I could not wait to get there and start taking pictures with my new camera. I stayed at Fort Wilkins State Park which is a historical park and a campground. In the summer they have civil war reenactments and every morning I heard the cannons going off in the historical side of the park.

After the 10 hour drive up to the Keweenaw I was immdedieately met with an amazing sunset seen 735 feet above Lake Superior on Brockway Mountain. I practiced my photography skills as well as thanking God for a beautiful view. From then on it seems like I was met with beautiful sunsets and sunrises every night and every day I sensed God speaking His love to me more and more. Just driving down highway 41 and hearing God say, “When you see My sunrises and sunsets and the color in the sky, this is My glory and how I show you my love” was just incredible. When I was driving to Calumet a little ways away I heard God say, “I am pursuing you in the midst of your sin, in the midst of the stuff that holds you back.” I realized that God was pursuing me in love through nature and beauty. At that moment I knew He loved me.


I had come back from that trip with spectacular photos. Photos that caught my eye around every bend and in every sight to see. More than the photographs, I had a realization of God’s love for me and for all of us that I cannot deny now. I even see God showing up like that in my life now as I go through spells where I doubt His love and His plan for my life. Even right now as I’m writing this on a mission trip in Amman Jordan, I feel this same love pursuing me and reminding me that nothing can separate me from that love. I will never look back and I will never be the same!


Published by: Endless Pursuit Photography

I'm an amateur photographer from Grand Rapids, Mi who has big dreams. Dreams that probably seem foolish, unwise, or just scary by some, but that's what God's love does. I have a dream to teach photography in the Middle East to children who are victims of torture and violence or who have witnessed their friends and family members being tortured and raped.

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