Amman Jordan 2018 Day 4


Today was a different day. We went from Amman to go a community center in the city of Madaba, which is an hour south of Amman and near Mount Nebo. At the center they have sewing classes, mosaic classes, a dental clinic, and English classes throughout the week and on weekends. They also do a summer camp for kids and they are hoping that God exceeds their expectations with 1500 kids over the summer. The center just started as a vision and a dream in the hearts of some leaders and now is expanding and expanding. God keeps doing more and more as they keep saying, “yes” to Him.

View from Mount Nebo


After the center, we went to visit some Yemeni refugees that are starting to come to Jordan as Yemen has had its civil war going on for more than four years now. I believe God is drawing these refugees by Himself now they are in Jordan and we get the opportunity to partner with Him and bring the Good News to them. They are Muslim, but God has been putting a hunger in their hearts for Him and He has been setting up divine appoitments in their lives even before they came to Jordan. The man we visited was there with his daughter and he had one more daughter as well. He worked in Saudi Arabia for 25 years as an engineer. He has had throat cancer for five years and needs surgery. God has been drawing him by using a Christian radio station that sent him a Bible. A pastor from Egypt was with us preaching the gospel and explaining the cross to him for a little over an hour. The man did not pray the prayer or anything, but he is definitely hungry for God. We prayed for him and his healing and for his family. It was powerful!

One thing I’ve been learning on this trip is to watch and wait for God’s timing. God has specific times for everything and He’s the one preparing the people’s hearts to hear from Him and we are just planting seeds. For me in my life, I feel like two years ago wasn’t time for my photography program to come to Jordan, but for some reason this year, I feel like the doors are opening more and more and I am building closer relationships with the people here. So I sense that God is doing something here and I am praying for the doors to open here for photography and refugees.


Published by: Endless Pursuit Photography

I'm an amateur photographer from Grand Rapids, Mi who has big dreams. Dreams that probably seem foolish, unwise, or just scary by some, but that's what God's love does. I have a dream to teach photography in the Middle East to children who are victims of torture and violence or who have witnessed their friends and family members being tortured and raped.

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