Amman Jordan 2018 Day 2

Another great day of visiting families here in Jordan. We visited all Iraqi families who came around different times.

The first family we visited was a mom and 2 boys who are 17 and 12 years old. Her parents are Armenian and moved to Iraq because of the Armenian war before she was born. Her husband is still in Iraq and works as an electrician. Before she and the boys left for Jordan, they made a lot of Muslim friends even though they are Christians. Christians are usually afraid of Muslims and Muslims of Christians, but somehow they befriended many Muslims where they lived in Iraq. Her husband was afraid for her and the kids so he sent them away. She seemed nervous and anxious, but we shared some verses with her and our stories and she was definitely encouraged by the end.

The second family was a husband, wife, and 4 kids from Mosul and theyve been in Jordan for three and a half years. They are actually Chaldean which is a totally different language than Arabic and they are part of a Chaldean church here in Jordan. They seemed to have a lot of hope living here and, since they got accepted to come to Michigan, they even have more hope. The husband was working for the agricultural part of the government back in Iraq, but when ISIS came, they had to leave everything behind. They tried to go to Kurdistan, but they couldn’t get in because the Kurdish were afraid that ISIS would follow all the refugees in. Again we shared with them what God was doing in our lives and gave them some verses. They were also encouraged at the end and thanked us.

The third family was tough because it was a husband, wife, and their 27 year old handicapped daughter who, at birth, had brain damage from a lack of oxygen and the hospital didn’t put her in an incubator or didn’t have the resources. They said they didn’t want any more children after that. It was hard being their because the daughter kept grabbing things and was very rough. They applied to go to Austrailia a year and a half ago, but there is no answer yet even though the daughter is handicapped. The husband was in the military during Saddam’s era and is a retiree so he gets $300 a month half of it pays for rent haven’t been able to pay for the meds the daughter is on. So pray for them that God provides and can get care for their daughter or that God instantly heals her.

We went from there to the in-laws of one of one of our friends here in Jordan and they are Iraqi. The mom is an amazing woman of faith and has such a legacy! She loves Jesus and the Bible and is a small group leader and just points others to trust in Jesus. Her Bible is overflowing with sticky notes and is underlined everywhere! She reminds me of Lillian Samuel, Carol Taylor, Susan Pohlad. A strong woman and mother in the faith. Her legacy continues on to her children and their spouses and to her grandchildren. Even though they left Baghdad to come to Jordan, their faith is growing and growing during the darkest of times. That family is an inspiration to all of us.

Dolma and Tepsi – Traditional Iraqi dishes. So good!


The last family of that day was a husband and wife and their two kids. The husband knew very good English which he learned in college back home and he was a mechanical engineer. Their two kids are really cute and really smart. Their son called me Uncle Pete and wanted to sit in my lap. Kids are so trusting and that’s why Jesus said we have to become like little children. The husband actually volunteers with an organization to work with refugees. We confirmed that God is using him here and when we were there, we felt the presence of God really strong. We could sense that they loved the Lord very much and that they were doing His will.

What we have been finding is that God is using the refugees where they are at here in Jordan and that their faith is growing and growing. As Robby Dawkins always says, “In the fire Jesus is revealed.”


Published by: Endless Pursuit Photography

I'm an amateur photographer from Grand Rapids, Mi who has big dreams. Dreams that probably seem foolish, unwise, or just scary by some, but that's what God's love does. I have a dream to teach photography in the Middle East to children who are victims of torture and violence or who have witnessed their friends and family members being tortured and raped.

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