Amman Jordan 2018 Day 1 continued

The 3rd family we visited was an older mother and her 3 adult children. She had diabetes and high blood pressure and was on a plethera of different medications. They are from Baghdad and fled 3 months ago and they just keep moving around hoping that one of their applications will get accepted so they can migrate to a different country. They said they don’t go to church because they keep moving around so much. Our good translator shared his story of how He wasn’t satisfied in life before Jesus and he met Jesus and now his life is fulfilling and he has hope. These people are afraid for their lives, but they just want to be well off and, if you’re just well off and don’t have Jesus, life still isn’t cracked up to what it’s supposed to be. You can’t live to the fullest.


The 4th family was a husband and wife and their 3 children who were all little and all close in age. The whole family seemed to have some health issues and the translators were working it out so they could get help through the minsitry we’re working with. At this visit I just felt like being quiet and letting the Holy Spirit move. I believe there’s a time where we need to be still and just wait. We shared some verses here and there but nothing major. The translators were the main ones interacting with this family.

The 5th visit we did was a couple Syrian muslim familes that made us some traditional Syrian food. They also had major health issues as one man had a broken rib and had surgery and can’t work. They really had some huge mountains in their lives and I felt like God gave me Psalm 121 that talks about looking up to the mountains and getting help from God.

Each time we left the families to go to another one, it seemed like we didn’t want to leave the family all alone, but they’re not all alone. God’s presence will always be there and He will reveal Himself to them all the time. He is always in constant pursuit of us in the midst of horrific times and even in the midst of our sin. His love is furious and we just have to choose to let it overtake us.


Published by: Endless Pursuit Photography

I'm an amateur photographer from Grand Rapids, Mi who has big dreams. Dreams that probably seem foolish, unwise, or just scary by some, but that's what God's love does. I have a dream to teach photography in the Middle East to children who are victims of torture and violence or who have witnessed their friends and family members being tortured and raped.

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