Amman Jordan 2018 Day 1


Halls of Queen Alia International Airport


Really it’s day 2, but yesterday we just got here and hung out and relaxed. For those who followed my trip last year, basically it’s the same this year as we go to the office in the morning to fill bags with food, clothes, hygiene, and toys that we then later distribute to families after we split up into groups. About 3 groups of 3 split up with an interpreter and deliver these bags to the refugees, both Syrian and Iraqi, all throughout the city of Amman. We typically visit 5 refugee families a day and listen to their stories and sometimes we get to pray for them. Already God has been moving in their hearts. I will try my best to sum up each familie’s story without naming names.

So, the 1st family that we went to see was a mom, I don’t remember where her husband was as the time, and their 9 year old daughter who was the cutest thing! They have been in Jordan a little over a year. All the families that were in Iraq either were told that ISIS was coming or ISIS actually did come and most, if not all, identify themselves as “Christian” and all these families have applied or going to apply to migrate to other countries. Their daughter wants to be a shoe designer and she’s an amazing artist and designer already. The husband was a decorater and chef back home in Iraq, but refugees can’t work legally here in Jordan. Right when we walked in we could tell that this family is full of Jesus just by looking into their eyes. Jesus said that the eyes are a lamp to the soul and through the mom’s and daughter’s eyes, we could see the light of Jesus. I had a word that the mom had pain on her side and she agreed she did when the translator asked and she said the pain was a 10 sometimes when she tried to sleep at night. She let us pray for her and we told her some stories of how God met us in our lives and we shared some verses with her as well. The refugees are always grateful to have us because they cannot do anything while they are waiting which is very sad and depressing. God is always faithful and at every house we go to, He definitely shows up!

The 2nd family we visited was a mom, her husband who was at the immigration office, and their 4 girls, which 2 are with them in Jordan and the other 2 are in different countries and married. They were also from Iraq and have been in Jordan only 7 months. This visit, out of all the visits we have done out of my 2 trips, was definitely the most emotional. We were talking about the girls’ dreams and they told us that they couldn’t complete school and their mom said they were just sleeping every day and very depressed. One daughter who was 15 appeared really shy and anxious and apprehensive as soon as we walked in the door. At one point the mom started breaking down and weeping. She only wanted what was best for her children, but their situation is desperate. So, we also shared some verses with her and I had a picture that God gave me for the older daughter. I saw a picture of a brand new teddy bear that she used to play with as a child and then it turned black and gruesome. I saw that as her dreams that were dying when they had fled ISIS in Iraq. I also felt like her spirit was going dark as well and I asked her if she had bad dreams at night and she said she did. I told her that God wanted to renew her dreams and the things that are in her heart and that He can do that for her. We told them that God was consoling them and He had bigger plans for them and to keep going and not give up hope. God’s always redeeming and restoring and it’s never the end!

Part 2 is coming since I shared a lot this time. I’ll be more brief in coming posts.


Published by: Endless Pursuit Photography

I'm an amateur photographer from Grand Rapids, Mi who has big dreams. Dreams that probably seem foolish, unwise, or just scary by some, but that's what God's love does. I have a dream to teach photography in the Middle East to children who are victims of torture and violence or who have witnessed their friends and family members being tortured and raped.

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